Bigg Boss 17 Voting [9th week] Online voting & Results

So now Bigg Boss fans can do Bigg Boss 17 voting for week 9 because the nominations are already done for the 9th week, and now fans can vote for their favourite to get them immune from elimination.

Bigg Boss 17 voting
Bigg Boss 17 voting

So the voting line for the 9th week is open, and now fans can start or participate in Bigg Boss 17 voting. All the voting processes for Bigg Boss have already been discussed. If you want to know how the Bigg Boss 17 voting process can be done, then you can read here:

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Voting (Week 9)

Bigg Boss 17 Online Voting (week 8)

So guys, if you want to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss 17 contestant, then vote for your favourite player in the Bigg Boss 17 voting poll, which is listed above, and you can see Bigg Boss 17 voting results by clicking on the results option.

To make the voting authentic, we have also protected it from bots, and one user can vote only once so that there will not be any biasedness it is all authentic, and the user can not use a bot for Big Boss 17 voting.

The voting process is very simple. You just have to find the Bigg Boss 17 voting poll, and you have to select your favourite contestant from the list and just click on vote. Congrats, you have successfully participated in the Bigg Boss 17 voting poll. And if you wish to check the result of the vote that got the maximum vote, then just click on the result option.

Which Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Nominates Whom??

Khanjaadi :- Rinku & Aishwarya

Aoora :- Rinku &Khanjadi

Neil :- Khanjaadi & Vicky

Aishwarya :- Vicky & Khanjaadi

Anurag:- Abhishek & Rinku

Rinku :- Khanjaadi & Ankita

Ankita :- Abhishek & Mannara

Isha :- Abhishek & anurag

Samarth :- Abhishek & Vikcy

Mannara :- Anurag & Abhishek

Vicky :- Aishwarya & Abhishek

Arun :- Vicky & Abhishek

Abhishek :- Smartah & Vicky

Which Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Has More Fanbase?

So, as we all know, Bigg Boss 17 is running successfully because of two contestants, Munawar and Anurag, and both contestant fandoms are fighting on Twitter that my player has more fandom than yours and vice versa. So we, as great fans of Bgg boss, created this poll to find out who is more famous, Anurag or Munawar.

So guys, go and vote for your favourite player and show everyone who is more famous. Apart from that, you can also participate in Bigg Boss 17 voting.

Disclamier: “” has no connection with Viacom 18, Voot, Colors, Banijay Media, or EndemolShine India. It’s a website created by Bigg Boss fans for fellow fans who support their favorite contestants, offering information exclusively for their enjoyment.


So, guys, I hope you have participated in the Bigg BOSS 17 Voting. In this post, we will update you every week on which contestant is nominated for the week, and we will share the result of the Big Boss 17 voting poll.

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